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How to Buy Mixer Views? Most Trusted

Buying Mixer views is a question that is often asked by the streamers new to the platform. Since the platform was purchased by Mixer and signed exclusive deals with popular streamers, the user count has increased in unprecedented numbers. You get to stream your...

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Mixer Embers – Here’s everything you should know

Gaming has evolved dramatically in the past few years. Previously it was just another way to have fun. While some play to relax, others are more into the competitive side. As the internet evolved, gamers wanted to share their experience with others. Gradually, an...

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How to use Mixer: A Detailed Guide for 2020

The platform we know today as Mixer wasn’t always called that. Up until May 2017, the platform had a different name – Beam – but Microsoft had to drop it because it wasn’t available for trademarking worldwide. The platform wasn’t originally developed by Microsoft,...

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8 Ways to Make Money on Mixer in 2020

Mixer has already snatched two of the most popular streamers, Ninja and Shroud, from Twitch along with their massive fanbase. Since both streamers will now be exclusively streaming on Mixer, millions of viewers will be shifting to Mixer to watch content as well. With...

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