Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. Can you buy Mixer followers?

Yes, you can! Buying Mixer followers is easy! You simply find one of the many websitess online that offers Mixer followers and choose which is best for you! MixerFollowers is one of the most popular and trusted websites for buying Mixer followers and is very simple to use! Please note however that you should NOT purchase Mixer followers in the form of ‘Follow Bots’ as they are against Mixer policies. Read more here.

2. Can you remove Mixer followers?

Currently there is no direct way to remove followers from your channel yourself. The only way a follower can be removed is if Mixer removes a follower from your channel themselves. Many followers and users are removed on a regular basis due to Mixer bots and each of those is reviewed on a case by case basis.

3. Can you see your Mixer followers?

Yes! You can easily see your Mixer followers by taking a look at your ‘Followers’ List’ on your Mixer dashboard. If you are trying to grow your Mixer channel, you will want to monitor this list regularly to see who is new, who needs interaction, and who may have stopped following you.

4. Where to buy Mixer followers?

There are many sites online where you can buy Mixer followers. However, most sellers sell Bot Followers and views. Bots generally lead to account bans. It’s always advisable to stay away from these sellers. You can learn more about buying Mixer followers by following this link.

5. Who has most Mixer followers?

The record for most Mixer followers is held by the Ninja himself, Tyler Bevin. Per week he stats approximately 13,571,766 followers which equates to roughly a few million viewers per week. Tyler Bevin is extremely dedicated to growing his Mixer following and even employs his wife as his personal manager to allow himself enough time to be successful. Read more about the biggest Mixer stars here.

6. Who are my Mixer followers?

Mixer followers is the number of users that have signed up to view your account on a regular basis. Much like followers on Facebook or other social channels, followers on Mixer will receive notifications when you log-in and start streaming. To the professionals, the number of followers you have is parallel to your popularity on Mixer. You can view your current Mixer followers by looking at your Followers’ list.

7. How many Mixer followers do I need?

In order to make money as a Mixer affiliate or Mixer Partner you will need at least 50 Mixer followers. Smaller streams that see success typically have between 70-80 followers. And, the most popular stream has approximately 6,000 followers. Therefore, the number of followers you need varies depending on the amount of success you want to have.

8. How many Mixer followers to make money?

You can make money from Mixer with as little as 50 followers. 50 followers is the number of followers it takes to be a Mixer affiliate and therefore is the number of followers you need to make money from Mixer. Users who don’t dedicate their entire day on making a living from Mixer can expect to make anywhere from $100-$1,000 per week if they are concentrating their efforts when they have time.

9. How do I get Mixer followers?

There are many different ways you can acquire Mixer followers. Many of the methods cost money, while others are free. If you are interested in getting Mixer followers for free you want to focus on building your Mixer community. However, if you are not opposed to making an investment, you can also purchase *real* Mixer followers. You should note that acquiring Mixer followers by means of Mixer Bots is highly discouraged and even subject to consequence from Mixer. Therefore, using Mixer Bots is not recommended.

10. How many Mixer followers to make a living?

The amount of followers you need on Mixer in order to make a living varies depending on what you define as a living. You need at least 50 followers to become a Mixer affiliate or partner, which means you need to have at least that many to make a living. However, someone who is making a full-time income will never have less than 100 followers on their account.

11. How many Mixer followers to get paid?

In order to make money on Mixer, you have to be a Mixer affiliate or partner. And, in order to accomplish that you need at least 50 followers. There are additional ways you can make an income on Mixer without being a partner that include paid sponsorships, requesting donations, creating merchandise, and affiliate partnerships. It is very important to note though that it is highly unlikely to make money at all if you are not at least a Mixer partner.

12. Is Mixer followers legit? is a legitimate website that allows individual Mixer users to earn credits that can be redeemed for Mixer viewers or cash. On you can sign in as a streamer or an earner. Streamers purchase credits to redeem for followers, whereas earners can sign up to become a paid follower of other users’ accounts.

13. Can you make money on Mixer?

Making money on Mixer is a very real concept. Many people dedicate large portions of their days, many resources, and an extensive amount of effort in making money on Mixer. If you want to make money by using Mixer you simply have to deploy the correct tactics and dedicate yourself to making your channel grow. You should give a read to this article here.

14. Can you make money on Mixer without being a partner?

Being a Mixer Partner is the only way to directly make money from Mixer by live streaming. However, there are other income streams for Mixer users that do not require partnership such as sponsorships, donations, and creating your own merchandise. It is important to note though that getting any paid sponsorships, donations, or selling merchandise is highly unlikely, although not impossible, without being a Mixer partner.

15. Can anyone make money on Mixer?

Anyone who is a Mixer User, and more importantly a Mixer partner can make money on Mixer. Mixer partnership is offered to individual Mixer users who have shown they are dedicated to using their account and have a growing number of followers. Offered directly by Mixer, partnership is an opportunity to make an income whenever someone subscribes to your feed. To get started on your way to becoming a Mixer partnership fast, you will need to work on growing the number of subscribers to your Mixer account.

16. Can you really make money on Mixer?

Yes, it is possible to make an income, and even a full-time (and beyond) income by streaming live on Mixer. If someone is very dedicated to growing their Mixer career, the amount of income they could make is infinite. However, it is important to note that in order to make money, let alone a full-time income on Mixer, it takes time, dedication and funding.

17. Who makes the most money on Mixer?

Although it is difficult to actually know how much money a specific user makes on Mixer, there is one user that is known to make an unbelievable amount of money every week by streaming live on the site. Ninja (Tyler Bevin’s Username) currently brings in around 6,000 followers per week, which means his income translates to approximately $560,000 per month. Yes, PER MONTH.

18. What do you need to make money on Mixer?

Earning an income by streaming live on Mixer is completely possible. In fact, there are plenty of users who treat Mixer as their full-time job and make six-figures (and way beyond) by playing video games all day. If you are interested in making money on Mixer there are a few things you are going to need to do: Create a mixer streaming schedule (3+hours per day), interact with your current followers, join a Mixer group with other users for cross-promotion, and to network with other gamers.

19. Can Mixer streamers see who views?

When you view your Mixer stream live, you can monitor in real time who is viewing your stream. However, doing so is not recommended as it distracts from the game and can cause you to lose viewers. If you are interested in seeing who is viewing your stream or analyzing your list of viewers, you can always look at your chat after the stream to see who popped in and out or participated in the chat.

20. Can you buy Mixer viewers?

Yes! You can most certainly buy Mixer viewers! In fact, buying Mixer viewers is considered one of the most popular methods of growing your Mixer following. Online there are multiple sites that offer Mixer viewers at a wide range of prices. But, one of the best sites for buying Mixer viewers is

21. Who has most Mixer views?

It might come as no surprise to you, but the Mixer streamer with the most views is known for playing Fortnite. Tyler Blevins, the individual with the most Mixer Views, has over 6 million followers. The Mixer superstar streams for over 12 hours per day and considers streaming his full-time job. Furthermore, Blevins brings home upwards of 60k per month playing the video game.

22. What are Mixer views?

The number of Mixer Views displayed on your channel represents the number of unique visitors your channel had throughout the day. You see, a Mixer Live View count could include repeat visitors whereas Mixer views do not. If you are looking to analyze whether or not you are drawing in new visitors to your channel, the number of Mixer Views you are getting is a good place to start!

23. What are Mixer channel views?

Mixer Channel Views are similar to Mixer Live Views, but they count the number of Mixer users who visited your channel throughout the day. Just because someone is counted in your Mixer Channel Views does not mean you have acquired a new follower or even a new loyal viewer. A Mixer Channel View simply means someone stopped by to check out your account.

24. What are Mixer live views?

Mixer live views is a Mixer statistic that is separate from the Viewer count and the viewer list. When you disconnect from a stream, the number of Mixer Live Views displayed is the number of other Mixer users that viewed your live stream throughout its duration. In order to be counted in Mixer Live Views, a user does not have to be actively watching your stream when you disconnect. Mixer Live Views is a great number to reference if you are looking to analyze how popular your streams are.

25. How are Mixer views counted?

There are two different ways Mixer viewers are counted. One is the Viewer count and the other is the Viewer List. Viewer count is the number of other Mixer users who are actively viewing your channel at any given time. In order to be counted as a mixer viewer, they must be watching your Mixer channel at the moment. As soon as someone disconnects from your channel, they are no longer counted as a viewer. The viewer list is the list of Mixer users who have at some point or another been connected to your chat. The viewer list is more comprehensive than the viewer count.

26. How to increase Mixer viewers?

There are many ways to grow the number of Mixer viewers you have on your channel. And, although everyone would like to exponentially grow the number of Mixer viewers they have for free it is not always the most practical solution. Some of the other popular methods for increasing the number of Mixer viewers you have include using Mixer Bots and buying Mixer viewers. However, using Mixer Bots is not recommended as it is against regulations put forth by Mixer. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of Mixer viewers you have, the best method is buying Mixer viewers.

27. How to get free Mixer views?

If you want to gain a large number of Mixer followers in a short amount of time it is going to take a lot of dedication and a lot of time. In order to gain mixer followers for free, you will need to spend time watching other users accounts, engaging in conversations with other users, engaging in conversation with the current followers on your account, and setting up a system of referrals with other users who have the same goal as you. In short, gaining Mixer followers for free can practically be a full-time job. Login/Sign up

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