Mixer has already snatched two of the most popular streamers, Ninja and Shroud, from Twitch along with their massive fanbase. Since both streamers will now be exclusively streaming on Mixer, millions of viewers will be shifting to Mixer to watch content as well.

With things grinding well in the Mixer community, it’s the best time for you to make the switch or begin your streaming career. Mixer has a comparatively smaller streamer base, close to 70,000 as compared to Twitch’s 1,500,000. With less competition and a better incentive-based system, aspiring streamers can make a good amount of money on Mixer as well.

There are a lot of ways we are going to discuss in which a streamer can make money on the Mixer. One of the popular ways is to become a Mixer partner which opens a world of new opportunities for streamers.

Mixer Partnership is offered to streamers who have shown that they are dedicated to the platform and have a growing number of followers and viewers. Offered directly by Mixer, a partnership is a fun and rewarding way of experiencing the platform. Every partner gets an opportunity to make an income from subscriber revenue as well as a portion of the advertising revenue (to be introduced soon).

If you are dice about whether to stream for money or not, there is another way you can make money out of Mixer. That is, by viewing and following other streamers, click here to learn more.

How to become a Mixer Partner?

To get started on your way to becoming a Mixer Partner fast, you will have to work on growing the number of followers to your Mixer account to 2,000.

Reaching this number and getting the initial traction organically can be a tough task to accomplish. But there are proven systems for making it much more straightforward.

One of the most reliable sources of obtaining real followers is MixerFollowers.com.

With the help of MixerFollowers.com, you sign up, earn credits, gain followers, and get your follower count way above 2,000 and start making money quickly.

How does it work?

Working of MixerFollowers.com

Aside from joining MixerFollowers.com to become Mixer Partnered, you will want to have several other strategies in place in order to make money online using Mixer. Here are a few that have been proven to work.

1. Enable Ad Streaming To Your Account

Ad revenue
Once you reach the status of a Partner, you will receive a significant cut of ad revenue. Ad revenue tends to add up quickly as your channel grows and the engagement between you and your follower’s spikes.

In the time you get to Mixer Partner, you can sign up for loots.com, a free way to show sponsored messages or ads on your actual stream, and every time an ad is played on your stream, you will receive revenue.

2. Research Sponsored Streaming Opportunities

Sponsored Streaming for new game

You can mention your sponsors during live streams or integrate a product into your broadcast to earn money via sponsorships. Sponsors are one of the best sources to earn a steady income. If you’ve partnered with a sponsor on a contract, you will receive added benefits like access to products before their general release, sponsored products for advertisement, access to their launch events, and a lot more. If you can get the eye of a sponsor, that’s where a major chunk of your revenue will come from.

3. Allow Your Followers to Donate

Mixer donation

When it comes to making money while streaming, the best way to do it is by setting up donations to your broadcast. It’s might be difficult to believe for new streamers, but some users are more than willing to donate to their favorite streamers.

By setting up third party programs or links, you can accept tips and donations from your followers. Based on donations, you can also do giveaways, which will exponentially increase the amount of money you’re receiving through this setup. An easy way to get started with donations is by creating a streamlabs and PayPal account that lets you actively receive donations via your PayPal address. Donation is definitely not the backbone of your channel revenue. Still, it can randomly change figures, and you never know when one of your followers donate you a hundred dollars or even a thousand out of generosity.

4. Add Affiliate Links – Direct Purchases

Affiliate purchase

With Direct Purchase, a new feature by Mixer, you can earn quick money by promoting a game you played during a session. You receive 5% of the revenue whenever someone buys the game featured on your stream through your channel. You can manage the items (game bundles, consumables) you promote via the Manage Channel section within the Account Settings Page.

To understand this more easily, it’s just like Amazon Affiliate, you refer a product, and you get a clear cut(depending on the category of the product) on a successful purchase. If you’ve purchased followers or viewers from MixerFollowers.com, there’s a great community that might be on your door waiting to purchase something from your recommendations.

5. Create Merchandise

Ninja Merchandise

Another way of making money on Mixer without being a partner is by selling your customized merchandise. Not only it will generate a significant amount of revenue, but it will also help you to keep building your community.

This merchandise can be anything from t-shirts, bags, hoodies, coffee mugs, and the list goes on. The most prominent idea to display on your merch can be something you say too often, your logo or your brand.

6. Enable Sparks – Mixer’s virtual currency

Mixer Sparks

Sparks is one of the primary reasons why Mixer got a lot of attention. It’s a free currency that can be acquired by just watching streams. While someone is watching a stream, both the viewer and the streamer earn sparks. From the streamer’s point of view, they can encash sparks for cash rewards once they reach a certain threshold limit.

7. Through Embers – Mixer’s equivalent of Twitch Bits

Mixer embers

With the second phase of Season 2, Mixer has released a virtual currency called Mixer Embers that you can purchase directly from the Mixer store and then spend them on premium skills like full-screen effects, highlighted messages, animated stickers, and much more. Mixer Embers provide direct monetization opportunities for streamers as they can cash them for real money every time embers are donated to them. Unlike sparks, you don’t have to wait to reach a certain milestone to redeem embers.

8. Paid live streams

paid live stream promoting product

Last but not least, you can also broadcast paid live streams in return for trying new games, testing out a newly rolled out hardware like a graphics card. The key to bagging yourself more paid streams is by making your profile visible to aspiring brands. If you want to take a more dedicated approach, you can always pitch new brands for collaboration via e-mails.

How much money do Mixer streamers make?

There are no exact numbers on how much money do Mixer streamers make or can make while broadcasting their gameplay. The amount of revenue you generate via streaming is determined by different factors such as total streaming hours, the number of followers, ads displayed, donations received, and a lot more.

How much money do Mixer streamers make

However, to qualify for earning on Mixer, one needs to enable an option where both the streamer and viewers can earn Sparks. As the streamer hits a certain Spark milestone, they can redeem a preset amount of money that week. In the process, the streamer gets paid, with viewers only donating their time. Since sparks depend directly on the number of people watching your gameplay, an organic viewer boost can work wonders for your channel. Mixerfollowers.com is one such service that thrives on providing you with legitimate viewers and followers that go to your channel and watch your streams.

Bottom Line

To make money via Mixer, you should be ready to make use of every opportunity. A common misconception is that streamers can make money solely via sponsorships or ads. To be self-sustainable, you should dabble in a bit of everything — game purchases, donations, affiliate links, and more. Figuring out how to make money constantly with your streams isn’t as hard as it seems. You may not be able to fetch a sum of money if you’re a novice, but if you put in the time and work, it will surely reap results.

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