Gaming has evolved dramatically in the past few years. Previously it was just another way to have fun. While some play to relax, others are more into the competitive side. As the internet evolved, gamers wanted to share their experience with others. Gradually, an audience developed who not only enjoyed playing games but also preferred watching pro players. Some did it to entertain themselves while others wanted to improve their skills by learning from players who are better at the sport.

Thus, it gave rise to the streaming revolution and platforms like Mixer and Twitch were developed to help make streaming a viable form of livelihood. The streamers dedicate time and effort to create educational and entertaining content for individuals around the globe.

Viewers who enjoyed the stream could support their favorite streamers with donations, cheers, skills, etc. In return, they enjoy special privileges such as customized badges, highlighted names, and ‘mentions’ by their favorite streamer. Mixer is a streaming platform where content creators can entertain and earn by playing their favorite games.

What are Mixer Embers?

Embers are the premium digital currency on Mixer. Viewers can buy many skills (animated stickers and full-screen effects) with embers which can then be used to support partnered channels. Once a viewer sends a skill in the chat, the streamer receives a fixed dollar value per Ember spent on the skill.

Skills are like pop up messages that appear in the stream-chat whenever someone shares it. They are flashy and come in all kinds of shapes and colors. Visually appealing and flashy skills cost more Embers than normal ones.

Currently, the cheapest premium skill starts at 50 embers, and there are three types of skills:

  • Stickers – These are large emojis and emotes with unique designs.
  • Effects – Animated emotes, best used for reactions to certain events.
  • Rallies – Miniature chat games that can be played by everyone present in chat.

Embers are like Twitch bits if you’re familiar with Twitch’s monetization policy. However, bits have limited expression, whereas Embers are more versatile. New skills are added every day, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of emotions and reactions to cheer and support your favorite streamers.

The Value of Mixer Embers in Dollars

You can buy 55 embers for $0.99. For streamers, they are valued at $0.01 per Ember. So, for every 100 Embers spent on skills, your favorite streamers get $1. However, the value of Embers increases to a maximum of 25% as a streamer crosses the Sparks patronage milestone. Sparks are another type of virtual currency but are actually free and can be earned by watching streams. You can read more about Sparks later in this article. If you look at skills in terms of real money, the cheapest one costs just over a dollar, and the price increases accordingly.

How to set up Mixer Embers on Mixer?

All Mixer streamers have to undergo some signup and verification procedure before they can start earning from Mixer. Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

  1. Personal Information Validation- Go to your dashboard and choose the monetization tab. Fill the form and click submit. It records your name, age, address, and other necessary information. It’s standard stuff and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

    By clicking on submit, you agree to their terms and conditions and verification procedure. You could try again if your application was rejected. If it continues, contact support for further assistance.

  2. Sign Up with the Partner Center- Partner Center is a Microsoft tool. It checks tax compliances and coordinates payout for numerous Microsoft partner programs. You’ll have to create an account with Partner Center and provide the payout information to Mixer, once your application is approved.
  3. Start Streaming- Once you have successfully completed all the steps, you should see a window displaying “You’re ready to earn!”. This means you’re now a partner and able to earn via skills shared on your stream.

Here’s how to start earning from Mixer quickly

How to Buy Mixer Embers?

Buying Embers requires only a few steps. There is a ‘Get Embers’ option at the top of the Mixer website. After clicking it, you will be redirected to another page containing the Ember bundles. Pick one, complete the payment, and the Embers will be added to your account.

If you’re using the app open the ‘Skill’ tray and tap the + icon at the top. Another screen will pop up containing the bundles. The Embers will be added to your Mixer account after the payment goes through.

Now that you have purchased the Embers, you can spend them on skills to support partnered streamers. Once you’re in a stream, simply choose the ‘Skills’ option and navigate to the premium tab. You can find all sorts of skills here. You can share simple emotes or GIFs to encourage the streamer. If you’re feeling exceptionally wealthy, you can even buy a rally for everyone in the chat. However, note that the streamer must be a partner else they won’t receive any money from your skills.

Mixer Embers vs Sparks

While Ember is the premium currency, Sparks is a free digital currency that is granted to viewers for watching streams on Mixer. Unlike Embers, Sparks does not have any dollar value.

Compared to Sparks, Embers are a more direct way of supporting your favorite streamer. When you buy a skill with Ember and share it in the chat, the streamer receives the dollar value equivalent to the skill. However, in the case of Sparks, they do not receive any money. The Sparks keep adding to a pool. If the streamer hits a significant milestone at the end of the month they will receive a percentage increase in their monthly revenues.

Sparks are an indirect way of supporting your streamers. If you have a regular account, you’ll accumulate 50 Sparks per minute. In case you’re a Pro, you’ll get 100 Sparks. If you’re on a base account and subscribed to a channel, you get 250 Sparks minutes. But if you’re a Pro and also subscribed to a channel, you get to bank on 300 Sparks per minute. Note that you cannot buy premium skills with Sparks and can only choose from a limited collection.

Mixer is relatively new to the streaming scene and has a long way to go. The developers are continually working to improve the platform and introducing new features while enhancing the existing ones. Check out the list of top streamers on Mixers.

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