The platform we know today as Mixer wasn’t always called that. Up until May 2017, the platform had a different name – Beam – but Microsoft had to drop it because it wasn’t available for trademarking worldwide. The platform wasn’t originally developed by Microsoft, either – the company bought Beam back in 2016.

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Mixer, for the record, sounds like something that can mash up things together. Last year, one of the most telling moments in the gaming industry was the arrival of Mixer. What budded as an idea to make the streaming experience better has now bloomed into a community of influential streamers and viewers.

With Twitch Icon Ninja joining leagues with Microsoft’s Mixer, everyone is pondering over one question, “What makes Mixer better than it’s two other contemporaries, YouTube Gaming, and Twitch?” Find out all your answers related to Mixer in one of the most detailed guides of 2020 ever made on the topic.

Does YouTube Gaming and Twitch ring a bell? Mixer is no different. It is a streaming platform which came into existence on the fifth day of 2016 when Twitch was already 5 years old and was doing well in its business. One big breakthrough that makes Mixer stand out of the crowd is its low latency, which means there is little to no stream delay and both streamers and viewers are running on the same clock, which in turn provides a more engaging interaction between streamers and viewers. When it comes to response, Mixer is far faster than both Youtube Gaming and Twitch.

How do you start streaming on Mixer?

How to begin mixer streaming

First off, you require a Microsoft account for starting an account on Mixer. Some websites may suggest that you need third party software like OBS or XSplit to start streaming, but you don’t.

It’s quite easy to start streaming on a Windows PC but that is only possible once you’ve created an account on Mixer Website and linked it to your Microsoft Account. Also, make sure your PC is running the Windows Spring Creator update (version 1703 or later). Once you’re all set to share your stunning gameplay, start the game that you’d like to stream and press Windows key + G to launch the inbuilt game bar (Xbox button in case you want to stream through your Xbox). Select the Broadcast button (the one shaped like a satellite dish), select optional features like mic input quality, video input, broadcast language, etc and start broadcasting to stream your game live on Mixer.

Necessary Machine Specifications for Streaming on Mixer

Hardware requirement for Mixer Streaming

Amazingly, you have decided to stream for your viewers, it takes great courage to showcase your performance publicly. However, your system should be ready to stream with you too. There are a few hardware and network requirements that your system should fulfill to stream smoothly. Here are some of them:

1. A Good Internet Connection

A key thing to notice here is that your upload speed will matter more than your download speed because your gameplay video will be uploaded directly to your stream. A decent streaming experience requires a minimum of 5 Mbps to back up a stream of 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps. For more broadcast-related information, you can always check guidelines on

2. Hardware Requirements

For a seamless streaming experience, for both your audience and yourself, your system must house quality hardware of given specifications:

  • It’s recommended to have a 16 GB RAM on your device. However, a good DDR4 can pretty much do the trick too.
  • An intel i7 processor is recommended for a lag-free streaming experience but an overclocked i5 processor can get the job done as well.
  • Broadcasting your gameplay live on the internet will heat your system up, reducing your CPU performance which will affect your stream quality directly. Therefore, you must stock up your CPU with a good cooling system.
  • Though streaming doesn’t have any graphic card requirement, it is readily needed to boost FPS for a game you’re playing. Better the graphics card, better the gameplay. If you clock your game at a good FPS rate, it will result in really good stream results.
  • Microphone, if you’re planning to do live commentary or record your voice during the gameplay. A good pair of headphones to perform well in the game and a webcam if you’re planning to do a facecam with the stream.

3. Other Accessories

The other necessary accessories are a microphone, headphones and a webcam.

Although you can begin streaming without any of the accessories mentioned above, a microphone will make your voice clearer, and more refined to viewers and headphones are needed to ensure you can hear in-game sounds without creating echos for the viewers. The webcam is self-explanatory, and you can use either a 720p or a 1080p webcam, whichever your budget allows.

Mixer for Viewers

Mixer for viewers

Mixer has taken the world by storm for viewers as well. Not just it offers amazing web platform support, it offers an Android/iOS app as well. The mobility Mixer offers with its mobile application allows the viewer to switch to their favorite streamer, anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, if a streamer has enabled a special feature for his/her audience, viewers will gain XP and sparks while watching the stream, just like an interesting game. In turn, you can unlock new features if you’re a streamer as well, or you can use them to perform special instructions in someone else’s stream.

What counts as a stream on Mixer?

A majority of users are streaming their gameplay on Mixer. However, there are no limitations on the type of content that you can stream on your channel. It can be anything from live gameplay to music sessions or even a How-to session. You just need to target the right audience in order to build and grow your channel. Stick to something that you love and enjoy doing. Stick to your genre rather than with the trend and you’re all set to succeed in the long run.

Present and Future scope of Gaming on Mixer

Mixer Streaming Scope

Twitch superstar Ninja earns an average of USD 350,000 per month through Twitch. Now that he has partnered with Mixer, he will be making thousands here as well. If he can do something this big merely by streaming his gameplay online, you can do too. Esports and casual gaming have taken the world by storm in the last few years. With more streaming platforms walking into the party, professional gaming is emerging out as a full-time profession as well. According to a survey shared by the American Gaming Association, the gaming industry has given employment to nearly 1.7 million individuals with a growth rate of 62,000 new jobs per year.


Mixer was originally released as “Beam”, meaning cutting edge technology, that it has successfully delivered. With its more popular rivals, Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Mixer is already giving them a run for their money. An interesting co-streaming concept of Mixer allows you and your friends to stream together, with a split window for 3 more users, interactively showcasing the gameplay from four different POVs. Additionally, you can also make your stream look better with the help of the MixPlay toolkit that allows you to embed interactive elements like live sub count, sub-goal, etc into your stream. All and all, if you’re a streamer and want people to know how good you’re at your game, start “Mixer-ing”


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