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The space Mixer has created for budding and aspiring streamers is commendable. With a fresh and new approach to the platform for streaming live gameplay, Mixer can be the future of streaming. It offers a lot of ways to earn money, most of which are only available to Partners. Mixer Partner is a special status for users who have dedicated their time to Mixer, have connected to a reasonable amount of audience, and have achieved a minimal feat. In this article, we will be talking about everything that you need to upgrade to a Mixer Partner.

Who is a Mixer Partner?

A Mixer Partner has a profound impact on the shaping of the platform. The people behind the platform work closely with Partners to get feedback on and test new features. In return, a Mixer Partner gets both support and feedback. For example, a ticket that has any kind of impact on Partners is vetoed by them first. For this, the Partner Discord team is put in direct connection with the Partner Managers team.

Secondly, Mixer Partners are offered a free code to subscribe to their channel and they can give it to whoever they wish. Thirdly, they also have the privilege of getting 2 emotes on their first day of partnership. For every subscriber level, a Mixer Partner unlocks 2 more emotes.

How to apply for Mixer Partner?

To apply for Mixer Partner, you have to go to the partnership tab in your dashboard and submit an application saying why you’d be a great partner. Meeting the minimum requirements to become a partner does not guarantee partnership. If you’re applying for a partnership, you’re expected to create high-quality content day in and day out. Mixer Partnerships prioritizes unique content and large brands. Remember that your application can get rejected with or without further explanation.

However, if you qualify for a quality review, you will have to submit a form that shares your identifying information with the system. Your form will be screened to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for review, a process that can take anywhere from days to a few weeks. If your application is accepted, your channel will be submitted for a quality review process. After the quality review, you will receive a decline or acceptance email. If you’re accepted, you will be onboard. You’re expected to sign a contract and a tax form.

Mixer Partnership Requirements

The minimum requirements for becoming a Mixer Partner were updated on the 24th of July this year to represent the partnership community in a better way. The prior requirement of having over 750 followers and maintaining a viewer count in the 50s consistently for 2 months was criticized for being too arbitrary.

The new requirements are as follows: your account should be more than two months old and you should have more than 2000 followers. Apart from that, you should stream for 12 or more days in a month. You should spend a minimum of at least 25 hours a month streaming. These requirements give a fair idea of how invested a Partner is in the Mixer community.

Mixer Partnership Benefits

There are several perks of being a Mixer Partner, which includes getting free Pro status for your channel. You’re invited to test new features before these features are released for other streamers. Each partner also receives a portion of the subscriber revenue and the latest news is that they will also be entitled to receive the advertising revenue soon. On top of that, direct donations are permitted to Mixer Partners, and third party members can subscribe to their services or channels, which regular streamers aren’t allowed.

Mixer continually empowers and encourages its Partners to build their channel and grow on its platform. At conventions, partners get free stickers, ample opportunities for dual streaming, and invitations to lavish parties and dinners. Partners also have the privilege of expanding the access of clip creation to all viewers or gating the ability to clip. Take, for example, you can allow only followers who are above Rank 30 to clip your streams.

How to become a Mixer Partner fast?

Becoming a Mixer Partner mainly focuses on the number of followers your channel has. If you’re struggling to make people follow your account, you might find MixerFollowers.com, a legit social service that guarantees real people viewing and following your account. The platform enforces zero bot policy where every follower you purchase is a real human watching and following your channel. Subscription plans start from as low as $3.99, making it budget-friendly for streamers who have just stepped into the field. This way, you can become a Mixer Partner fast without even violating any of Mixer’s terms and policies.

Mixer Partner Manager

All Mixer Partners are assigned a manager whose prime responsibility is to ensure the flow of communication between Mixer and the partner remains smooth. They are the primary point of contact for partners. They spend an immense amount of time surfing Twitter, hopping from one stream to another and chatting with streamers to find ways to connect with their partners. They are also an integral part of the Review team for Partner applications. If you’re looking for answers to questions regarding payouts or streaming events, your Partner will be more than happy to help you.

Mixer Partner payout

Mixer splits the income of the subscriptions with its Partners. Mixer pays its partners 60 days after the end of the month, with a flex of 3-5 business days for processing. It ensures you will be paid within 3-5 business days of June 30 for the income earned in the month of April. The buffer period is in effect due to the nature of online payments. When a viewer clicks on your subscribe button or link, a popup will appear to allow them to select either Paypal or card. They will be charged as soon as possible and will be able to listen to your stream as they do so. You should be able to use your feelings instantly and see a sub-icon next to your name. They will also have the option of auto-renewing, which can be added to their Billing tab.

Can you make money on Mixer without being a Partner?

Mixer gives its streamers a splendid way to earn money with Direct Purchase. You can promote the game you’re playing during your live stream and receive a tiny cut of the revenue from every game purchased through your channel. This feature appears at the top of your page next to the name of your channel. Once activated, your followers can see the name of the game you’re playing or other downloadable content that is available on your stream. Once they click on the price of the content, it will direct them to a pop-up window with a link to the game’s page. 5% of the revenue from the purchase goes to you.


There are no shortcuts to success. Everyone out there needs to know that hard work pays off in the long run. For any amount of success, content is the key. If you stay focused on the type of content you deliver to your audience, nothing can hold you back from becoming a Mixer Partner. It’s not just a special status, it’s more than that in all aspects. Once you become a Mixer partner, hundreds of opportunities will be unlocked for your channel. Start rolling, start Mixing.

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