Mixer is the second most popular live video game streaming platform right after Twitch and is home to some of the biggest names in the online video gaming streaming industry.

Mixer was officially launched in 2016 as Beam and it was purchased and renamed the same year by Microsoft. Within a short span of 4 years, it has grown to become a giant in the video game streaming industry. Mixer competes directly with Twitch. You can check out the top 20 streamers on Twitch here.

Mixer streams are either live or on-demand. You can find streams for almost every game and it’s not limited to just games. At the time of writing this story, we have a stream of Dungeons and Dragons running on a separate tab.

Mixer boasts its FTL (Faster Than Light) technology (you’ll understand the nomenclature if you’ve seen Battlestar Gallactica), wherein the latency between a streamer and receiver is less than a second making the stream and interactions real-time. However, not all streams are FTL supported. If you want to watch only FTL streams, Mixer provides an option.

A lot of people have made big on Mixer. Here’s a list of the top 20 Mixer streamers who’ve made big on Mixer.

1. Ninja – 3.1 million followers

Ninja, once the most popular streamer on Twitch, left it for Mixer in August 2019. Shortly after moving to Mixer, he became the most followed streamer on Microsoft’s platform. Ninja, at the time of writing this story, has over 3.1 million followers. It is twice the number of followers his closest rival has.

 Ninja 1083,137,29064,821,069

Given his popularity and deals with brands, it is estimated that Ninja makes over $1.5 million every month. He also has a very popular YouTube channel with over 23 million subscribers.

2. Shroud – 1.1 million followers

Shroud, another celebrity from Twitch left it for Mixer. Shroud used to be the second most followed streamer on Twitch. He is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who became successful as an eSports gamer.


Shroud is also extremely popular in the streaming arena and is known to make a handsome living. It is estimated that he earns north of half a million dollars every month.

3. TheGrefg – 800k followers

TheGrefg is a Fortnite player who streams in Spanish. The full name of this 23-year-old gamer is David Cánovas Martínez and he’s also been nominated for The Game Award for Content Creator of the Year. He holds the position of the 3rd most followed channel on Mixer.


4. Ship – 700k followers

This 22-year-old streamer plays Fortnite. The name of the person behind this channel is Steve. He’s from Buffalo, NY and he started streaming full time in March 2018. Steve has been working consistently to build his content and reputation. He streams daily from approximately 9:00 Am to 9 Pm EST.

Steve holds many positions in the Battle Royale game. Some of them are as follows:

#1 total wins on all platforms
#1 for solos on all platforms
#1 solo kills on all platforms
#2 in overall wins and kills on all platforms


5. XBox – 550k followers

This is the official Xbox Channel! Here you’ll find exclusive sneak peeks, Developer Q&A sessions, event coverage, giveaways, special announcements, and more!

Microsoft started this channel in 2016 and it only streams Microsoft titles. Here are some stats of the channel.


6. JaredFPS – 435k followers

JaredFPS was a pioneer streamer on Beam, that later became Mixer. Like most other streamers, he started his streaming journey on Twitch back in 2014 with COD Advanced Warfare. Cut to two years later and he grabbed the opportunity to transition to Beam since he found out that it had been acquired by Microsoft sometime during that year.

Just a year later the Microsoft-backed streaming platform started to explode in popularity and Jared used that momentum along with his superb gaming skills and modest personality to rack up his follower count to hundreds of thousands.

When he isn’t playing games like Fortnite and Call of Duty for his audience, he is fulfilling his role as a father to take care of his daughter, Mia.

Streamer Level Followers Views
JaredFPS 129 435,177 7,070,379

7. SIEFE – 338k followers

Hailing from the sunny state of Florida, SIEFE has extensive experience as a professional gamer since he used to work as a consultant for top tier studios like Ubisoft, Activision, and 2K Games. As he switched to Mixer, he also put that knowledge bank to good use to become a celebrated streamer on the platform.

Unlike most other streamers on this list, people usually don’t tune into his stream for his personality and comedy, despite him being very funny and friendly. Instead, the main attraction is his incredible skill, knowledge, and insights about all aspects of the gaming industry. His viewers take away both entertainment and enlightenment from his streams. 

Streamer Level Followers Views
SIEFE 113 338,234 5,084,084

8. PaladinsGame – 337k followers

PaladinsGame is the channel of the official game on the streaming platform. On this channel, you can find out tips, tricks, and updates that will be released on the game. You should also check out the channel for upcoming announcements. The channel features large and small gamers who play the game including, iDodgeBulletz and tdpmagic. 

Streamer Level Followers Views
PaladinsGame 117 337,542 40,573,752

9. QueenEliminator – 337k followers

Lily or QueenEliminator has secured her position on the streaming platform as the most successful female gamer for good reason. She isn’t just great at video games but also backs it up with her charming personality.

She is also quite patient and interacts frequently with her ever-growing audience. What matters the most is that she justifies her title as queen of the eliminators with her profound skill and takes her gaming very seriously. You can even catch her annihilating her makeup in the process of eliminating her competition.

Streamer Level Followers Views
QueenEliminator 121 337,330 4,920,124

10. Agustin51 – 320k followers

Agustin51 or Octavio Augustin is a major Fortnite streamer from Spain who connects with his Spanish speaking audience with a healthy portion of hilarity and the right balance of skill. Even though most other streamers stick close to the camera, Augustin likes to take month-long breaks from his streaming. That’s what makes his massive follower count even more impressive.

As it’s a trend with Spanish streamers on this list, most of them like Augustin have their origin on YouTube. If you are missing his content on his Mixer account, try to track him down on YouTube.

Streamer Level Followers Views
Agustin51 95 320,690 14,092,872

11. Ampeterby7 – 318k followers

Like Augustin51, Ampeterby7 also started on YouTube and has a massively popular channel that is just short of reaching 5 million subscribers at the time of writing of this story. That success brought him an immense fan-following on Mixer.

Unlike most of us, Ampeterby7 fulfilled his childhood dream of making it big online with a gaming career. He started his career on YouTube with GTA Saga gameplays and today, you would catch him making collabs with other Spanish streamers on the streaming platform while for an entertaining game of Minecraft or Fortnite. 

Streamer Level Followers Views
Ampeterby7 94 318,386 9,072,000

12. HypeZoneFortnite – 280k followers

HyperZoneFortnite is Fortnite’s Mixer exclusive channel that features some of the most exciting action in the game. It features streamers who are close to winning the Victory Royale. So, you can be sure that you may come across big-time Fortnite streamers like Ninja and Forice on this channel.

If you are a Fortnite streamer you may look forward to getting featured in the HyperZone if you are close to winning the Victory Royale.

Streamer Level Followers Views
HypeZoneFortnite 100 280,057 14,517,007

13. Monstercat – 251k followers

Monstercat is a record label that is the combination of a tech startup, media company, and independent label all at the same time. Their YouTube channel has a massive subscriber count of over 7 million and that popularity has earned them a spot in the top 20 Mixer streaming channels.

On their streaming channel, you can listen to their radio with curated music from their artists and chat with like-minded people to become a part of a music-loving community.

Streamer Level Followers Views
Monstercat 124 251,106 15,584,016

14. ChannelOne – 242k followers

ChannelOne, as the name suggests, is the place to view some of the greatest content on Mixer. The channel hosts streamers and mixer partners throughout the platform and you get an additional 25 bonus spark each minute for watching their stream. Maybe that has been the secret to this channel’s meteoric rise in follower count and viewership.

You can also check out their weekly shows for Age of Empires and Gears Pro Circuit at 1 PM and 5 PM Pacific Time respectively. They also host Microsoft’s official WomenInGaming channel every month and the moderators here are a team of Xbox staff.

Streamer Level Followers Views
ChannelOne 115 242,761 33,180,364

15. Archonaut – 239k followers

Loud, funny, and someone whose passion for video games is displayed clearly on the stream. He would make you hear his peace without even the need to yell. His energetic personality is a key factor that attracts so many followers to his Mixer channel.

He gained his fame through the competitive gameplay of Destiny. Now you can find him playing mainstream titles like “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” on his channel. However, his favorite title is a crowd favorite MMORPG and the greatest title to ever come out of Blizzard Entertainment, “World of Warcraft”.

Streamer Level Followers Views
Archonaut 116 239,314 4,513,067

16. NVAD3 – 237k followers

If “cool” had to be personified, NVAD3 would perfectly fit the role. Allan Shofner would be found chilling at a party or sweating out at the gym when he isn’t streaming on the platform. However, gaming remains his true passion and he excels at what he does with the controller.

With a streaming setup that costs over $20,000, you would find him hooked to NBA and 2K games. To keep things fresh, he would throw you a game of Fortnite every now and then. You would relate to him the most due to his casual persona.

Streamer Level Followers Views
NVAD3 121 237,598 2,988,635

17. SmiteGame – 227k followers

SmiteGame is the official channel of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, Smite. The channel has resources, announcements, and updates about the game. It also features streamers who play the game and you may find your favorite team every once in a while.

Moreover, if you link your account with Mixer, you would be able to win rewards in the game and occasionally earn Mixer loots. Thus, if you play Smite, you cannot miss watching this channel.

Streamer Level Followers Views
SmiteGame 118 227,387 28,121,446

18. VicensHD – 220k followers

Código Vicens AKA VicensHD gained his popularity from comedic gameplay commentary on YouTube where he is 1.5 million subscribers strong. His consistency has also allowed him to build a following on every platform.

For hours of fun and hilarious Fortnite gameplays, you can visit his streaming channel. Occasionally you may also stumble upon some COD and League of legends gameplay.

Streamer Level Followers Views
VicensHD 95 220,302 2,679,037

19. ORIGINPC – 219k followers

OriginPC makes high end and customizable gaming PCs and have even sponsored some of the biggest YouTubers including the king himself, Pewdiepie. On their Mixer channel, they build PCs, talk about interesting tech and movies. Since they build high-end PCs, they obviously also play some of the best and latest AAA titles and multiplayer games on the channel.

Streamer Level Followers Views
ORIGINPC 85 219,640 88,629

20. Covent – 217k followers

Chris Covent’s online persona can be summed up in three words, “nerd, gamer, comedian”. He is a dedicated stable for viewers on the platform and has even clocked in over 10 hours of gameplay on a single day.

Apart from his personality, Chris’s reliability also keeps viewers coming back to his stream every day. Even when he has an inhuman focus for an opportune snipe, you may find him cracking a joke out on a whim.

Streamer Level Followers Views
Covent 120 217,418 4,681,432

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